What if I wish to cancel my reservation?

Simply send us an e-mail : info@florencesidecartour.com
– If you cancel three (3) days before the booking, half of the fee is returned (minus bank fees)
– The fee is forfeit if you cancel within five days of the booking.

Naturally, our tours are dependent on clement weather. In case of rain, you have three choices:
– Put off the tour to another date.
– Go ahead with the tour equipped for rain (for the courageous but fun!).
– Be reimbursed 25% of the deposit.

How can I pay?

We propose several payment methods:
– By debit or credit card.
– In cash
– By bank transfer
– PayPal

What if it rains?

Florence rain is very often merely drizzle and in no way impedes a tour. We are equipped and experienced for any downpour (windscreen, gloves, poncho, helmet with goggles).
In the event of heavy rain, you can reschedule the tour. For more information on our conditions and on modifying or cancelling a booking please see our booking section.

Can I give a tour as a gift to a friend or family member?

Perfectly! You simply have to give us the name and location of the person who will take the tour during booking, and it is up to this person to let us know when and where to pick them up.

May I design my own route?

Our Tailor-Made tour allows you to fully customize your tour. Choose your own itinerary and let us guide you either for a half-day or a full day. You can, of course, rely on our cheerful team to recommend routes and stops.

In which languages can I expect a commentary?

Most of our tours can be narrated in English and Italian.

Is there a commentary during the tour?

Our Gentlemen Sidecarists are elegant, courteous, affable to a fault and passionate about Florence and Tuscany and are full of stories, anecdotes and the history of their favourite city. They will bring the tales of Florence and Tuscany alive for you.

What about insurance?

We are fully covered by insurance.
We cannot, however, insure against stolen items during the tour and cannot take responsibility for any injury sustained during the tour. However, we assure you that our drivers are expert and experienced and the bikes themselves are large pleasure bikes and not sports bikes.

Must I wear a helmet?

Helmets are compulsory in Italy. All of our helmets are connected by a bluetooth set for communication with the other passengers and the driver. The helmets are cleaned and sterilised every day and we can provide bathing caps if desired.

Can one make group bookings?

Yes, you may book a maximum of 4 (four) people.

Can animals travel in the sidecar?

We can take small animals in a specially adapted bag.

How old does one have to be to ride in a Ural sidecar?

The minimum legal age for the pillion passenger (behind the driver) is eight years and five for the sidecar passenger.

How many people can ride on these bikes?

The Urals can take three people including the driver. But, if your party has three or more, you can book several bikes!

Is it safe?

The sidecar is perfectly safe and stable for adults and children alike. Our Urals are built to European safety standards and are fully certified by the Interior Ministry. All of our riders hold a special licence for carrying the public. These are pleasure bikes, not sports bikes.

What is a sidecar?

It is a motorcycle fitted with a third wheel and a basket chair to take a third passenger along with the driver and the pillion behind the driver.

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